Arch Support Insoles to Relieve Foot, Back, Knee, Hip Pain

Arch Support Insoles to Relieve Foot, Back, Knee, Hip Pain

PEDAG insoles are thin enough to fit in almost any shoe, not like some where you need to buy a larger shoe to accommodate it. These insoles will make an old shoe feel new again, or take a new shoe with little support and give it the feel of a higher quality shoe. I have been in the Footwear business for over 25 years, in my opinion this is the best insole you can buy without having one custom made. When I sell them in my store, I tell customers that they only need to buy one pair and they should switch them from shoe to shoe removing them nightly to air out. Most of my customers return after a week or so to purchase additional pairs for all there shoes because they recognize the benefits to their feet, knees, hip and back, and don't want to move them daily. Below is a lot of technical information about this product, but I will sum it up by stating; if you are having any kind of foot, knee, hip or back issue, stop by Walk About Shoes and try a pair!

Pedag insoles are made of prime quality leather tanned with herbal extracts for the optimum shoe climate. It has a purifying active carbon filter to help prevent foot odor and an anti-bacterial treatment to help prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. No foams or gel that can make your feet feel hotter or hold perspiration. The carbon filter pulls perspiration away from your foot.

The Longitudinal arch Pad (Support) is made of polypropylene, this support is for the longitudinal arch, it fills the space for high-arched feet allowing the shoe to accept the weight in this area and to act as a shock absorber. This pad helps to distribute weight evenly over the entire bottom of the foot. This cuts down on pronation, the movement or tendency to turn the foot inward.

This insole has an orthopedic design which helps prevent and relieves Splayfoot, by relieving pressure on the ball and arch of the foot. (Splayfoot is a foot "disease" caused mainly by civilization. High heels, hard floors, standing all day and/or over weight are the main causes of "splayfoot". In the case of splayfoot, both the longitudinal arch is weakened (flatfoot) and the latitudinal or metatarsal arch (spreadfoot) is also affected. Remedies include insoles with metatarsal pads which provide support the middle bones of the foot and arches which support the longitudinal arch. Heel cushions also relieve strain on the foot.)

This insole is highly recommended for those who suffer from Plantar Fasciitis. (Plantar Fascia / Plantar Fasciitis is an inflammation of the plantar fascia, the band of connective tissue that runs from the heel to the base of the toes. When stressed the fascia stretch and can cause intense pain and inflammation. Plantar Fasciitis is worst in the morning, after a night of rest the plantar fascia tissue has tightened, when you take your first steps of the day. Remedies include arch supports which reduce tension on the plantar fascia. Stretching the calf muscles, night splints and injections to reduce inflammation may also help relieve pain.)

Viva features a sturdy support for the longitudinal arch and a built-in orthopedic insert/pellet for the latitudinal arch (metatarsal). These supports allow the foot to maintain and to regain an anatomically correct position. Viva also has a heel pad which relieves pressure and impact on the heel.

While I can't make any guarantees, I have many customers claim these insoles have not only relieved foot pain, but helped with knee hip and back issues. By putting the correct support under your foot and getting better weight distribution throughout your foot, you will notice an improvement in your overall comfort. You don't have to have a specific problem to use these insoles, everyone can benefit from adding additional support to their shoes. Proper supports in your shoes may even prevent a foot ailment!

These insoles are approved by and have the Seal of Approval by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

Available at

Walk About Shoes

Town Mall of Westminster

400 N Center Street

Westminster, Md 21157


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