Bone Spurs

Bone Spurs

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Kathy Longhurst

Kathy -I had a dramaticexperience with the AromaTouch Technique class in St. George, Utah. Ihad a lump (bone spur?) on the top of my right foot about 2"from my 4th toe - it was on the top part of my foot andlooked gross, like a volcano about to blow, it kept growinghigher and higher and the night before the class it washurting so bad I could hardly sleep. It protrudedbetween 1/2 to 3/4 inch high. About 8 in the evening,after I had received the AromaTouch Technique, I kicked offmy shoes and looked down at my foot and the lump was almostcompletely gone, it was just a mass under the skin, like apuddle. The next day the mass was gone, it completelydissolved - I was amazed! Since the class it has grownback and I am anxious to have another AromaTouch Techniqueto see if it reduced again!

Samara - My husbandjust called from the doctor's office and he has a bone spurin his heel. That explains the pain he's been having, butis this something that oils can help?

Robert - I had a vicious bone spur on myelbow. It would send shooting pains up my arm if I waslaying in bed and put pressure on my elbow to roll over. After some studying on effective essential oils and blendsthat people had used on bone spurs, I came up with thefollowing blend. I don't know if its the best one, but mybone spur is gone. I took a couple weeks before it stoppedhurting during pressure, and I continued a couple dropsmorning and night for another 2 weeks.

Bone spurs blend:

?? 4 drops Wintergreen

?? 4 drops Eucalyptus

?? 4 drops Marjoram

?? 4 drops Cypress

?? 4 drops Helichrysum

?? 4 drops Peppermint

?? 4 drops Frankincense

?? 10 drops coconut oil carrier

Also supplement with magnesium and doTERRALife LongVitality supplements!! (Magnesium will help dissolve bonespurs.)

Other blends and oils to consider;

?? Deep Blue

?? Aroma Touch

BK - I've had a bone spur on the bottom of my right footfor several years. I mostly controlled any pain by havinggood shoes, and padded commercial soles. But if I got upout of bed at night or was getting ready for the day in themorning without my shoes on... I would sometimes putpressure on the right place, and I might as well havestepped on a scorpion. Awful pain shot up my leg.

I also had a small bone spur or calcium growth on thepalm side of my pointer finger knuckle on the carpal"s bone,right next to the metacarpals bone. (right hand, and I'mright handed) It bothered me sometimes, but I just livedwith it. It felt like it was a half size marble under myskin.

Back a few months I started using a blend of Eucalyptus,Marjoram, Cypress, Lavender Peppermint, Thyme and Basil. 5drops each in an 15ml bottle then match the amount ofessential oil with coconut oil. I would rub this blend on myright foot every morning and night. Without fail for 3months. One day it was strange, I realized that it wasalmost gone! It seemed almost overnight or I just hadn'tbeen paying attention. I continued for another month or sixweeks, and here's the funny thing... I realized one day thatthe bump on my hand was gone too! I LOVE THESE OILS!!

Pat - Cypress with Wintergreen seems to work well forsome, also Deep Blue for the pain and believe it or notBreathe which I know is a respiratory blend has beensuggested to dissolve bone spurs. Use each time area ispainful, it can be used often.

Tinas - My Dad hasbone spurs in his back, recently his back has gotten reallybad and he thinks a bone spur is pinching a nerve. Helives in Canada and he can't get to the doctor and will haveto wait for surgery for a long time.

Pat - I would use the Lemongrasstopically, along with Deep Blue and Peppermint for the pain.The Lemongrass should dissolve the spurs, he needs to beconsistent!!

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